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Francesco Salvadori.
Born in Florence in 1987, living in Berlin since 2012. I have worked as an Audio Engineer since 2017 and founded SWEEP at the beginning of 2023. After my Bachelor's Degree at SAE Berlin, I started working as a resident Audio Technician and FOH in Club Der Visionaere, Hoppetosse, Tresor and Heidegluehen while keeping up with the studio activities. The studio concept is to help the underground community by offering affordable prices without compromising the resulting quality.
"My go-to workflow usually consists in performing corrections and restoration at first to create the best ground basis for analogue enhancement and tone control."


  • Mastering for Vinyl and Digital Distribution
    1-4 60€/Track, 5+ 55€/Track

  • Stem Mastering (max 8 Stem) 


  • Remastering/Restoration (Including re-recording)
    +10€/Track (Master Price + 10€)


  • DPP Image 40€

  • Assisted session 80€/h , free reviews until approval.

  • If you are an independent solo artist, a self releasing electronic musician, an underground vinyl distribution or any low budget entity. Contact me for a tailored offer. 

  • The room provides a dry acoustic and is suitable for recording vocals, keyboards, amplifiers, acoustic instruments, overdubs, etc.


  • Special Tape Vintage Music Making. The Tascam38 8 track recorder is hooked up to the PM1000 modded vintage desk. It is possible to perform a recording with no need of a computer.

  • Up to 32 Channels (excluding FX)

  • More than 32 tracks 


  • Assisted session free of charge and much welcome.

  • Free reviews until approval.

  • Stem and Master tape passage optional.

  • The Mastering Process is not included.

  • Every file is vinyl-optimized, minutes per side.

    9 min = 90€ /Side
    15 min = 110€/Side
    23 min = 130€/Side
    more than 23min = 150/Side


  • 10% extra is applied for cutting-only projects.

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